TEG lecture on DC at Schiphol on June 21, 2011

Lectures at Schiphol on direct current (DC) by Harry Stokman (owner of Direct Current Ltd and chairman and founder of DC Foundation), Robert Zoetmulder (Schiphol), and Marcel van Beek (Schiphol).


The DC revolution begins?

In the early 20th century the era of electricity starts with the lamp of Thomas Edison and his development of direct current grid. At the same time, Nikolai Tesla developed the alternating current. A real battle was waged - the War of Electric Currents. Wall Street, the Chicago World Fair in 1893 and the largest demonstration project in Niagara Falls, in cooperation with Westinghouse, showed that AC offered more advantages in the transportation and distribution of electricity. Nowadays we use many electrical devices in our homes working on DC. Now, we know that electricity transportation over long distances with HVDC offers great advantages and that modern power electronics play an increasingly important role in various applications.

On June 21 we are invited by Schiphol for a lecture to amplify on direct current.



16.00 Reception with coffee

16.30 ALV meeting by the board of TEG

17.30 Short break

17.45 Introduction on the lecture location hosted at Schiphol

By Marcel van Beek, Energy Process Manager at Schiphol.

Overall vision of Schiphol’s  goals regarding energy and environment. The CO2 reduction and the contribution of sustainable energy to the total energy demand in the entire processing chain, both thermal and electric.

17.50 Lecture on energy options at Schiphol
By Robert Zoetmulder, Network Strategist / Advisor at Schiphol.
At Schiphol, more and more processes emerge using DC. What is Schiphol’s plan to deal with that in the future? How can we use sustainable energy in pilot projects to connect to end users? Besides energy converters , what else do we need to pay attention to?
18.20 Break with sandwiches and drinks.
19.00 Lecture on the project DC Grid (Gelijkspanningsnet) Haarlemmermeer
By Harry Stokman, Chairman of the Direct Current Foundation, and General Manager and owner of Direct Current (see also www.dcbv.eu and www.gelijkspanning.nl).
A number of companies around the Haarlemmermeer are focusing on DC because of the large number of expected benefits: improved availability, higher energy efficiency, simplified energy storage, more stable grid, simpler local power generation, efficient energy transportation, usage of underground cables, pioneering in energy innovation in the region. The lecture will also enlighten the following points: state stakeholders for the project, integration with the Green Deal plan of the government, legal issues on permits, exemptions and required standards.
19.30 to 20.30 Discussion and a drink


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