Grow Light and DC

The 6th Innovation Arena Greenport Campus with the theme of "Growth and Light DC" is on Friday, April 20 launched at Demokwekerij Westland. This arena is open for visitors from Monday, April 23 to 7 June. 



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This Innovation Arena focuses on the following topics: The current and future lighting in horticulture, with SON-T and LED, various studies currently ongoing with LED lighting, and the future of DC in horticulture. DC offers several benefits, including a substantial savings and longer life of electronics. In the Arena are several videos to see, including a tomato grower with his vision on DC in horticulture and a pot grower who uses LED lighting in his greenhouse.

The following organizations are participating in the Innovation Arena "Grow light and DC" by placing an arrangement: Horticulture, DC Foundation, Hortilux Schréder, TNO, Philips, Lemnis Lighting, TTO and Improvement Centre.



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