DC Foundation participates in symposium on energy


On 18 April, the lectureship Energy and the Built Environment at The Hague University organizes in cooperation with Get2Gether a symposium with a double theme:


  • WAR OF CURRENTS II: EDISON / TESLA: The future of our electricity.
  • THE SERIOUS GAME OF ENERGY MANAGEMENT: The developments of energy management in buildings, with a magnificent example one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands: The Hague University Delft!

DC Foundation will make its contribution to this symposium by giving a lecture on the opportunities of DC.


In this symposium you will learn more about:

  • Leading speakers on the latest developments in the field of DC grids and power management.
  • Current researches within the lectureship Energy and the Built Environment.
  • How education, research and industry reinforce each other (lectureship Energy and the Built Environment, Expertise Center Technology Innovation Society Delft, Delft Academies TIS, TIS Hague and FM).


Both themes are approached from the point of view of technology and the aspects of economy and education, so that everyone can find a suitable subject. Each theme is developed in five substantive sessions, which take place on the same time.


You are cordially invited to participate in this symposium. There is a fee for participating in this symposium. For more information, program and registration please visit: www.dehaagsehogeschool.nl/symposium-dc

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