The Financial Daily: DC Gains Ground

Aalsmeer, April 2, 2013


On March 28th, The Financial Daily issued a news item entitled "Sustainable Society: Invest in the Future." A number of leaders in the field of renewable energy were featured in it. In the article "DC gains ground," Harry Stokman from Direct Current BV and Tim Zijderveld from Joulz are interviewed about DC, their view on DC, and the obstacles encountered in the implementation of DC.


Harry Stokman and Tim Zijderveld are also active respectively as chairman and vice chairman of the Dutch DC Foundation. The DC Foundation has been founded to monitor the image of DC and to support innovation in this area. Direct Current BV and Joulz have, among others, worked with the DC Foundation on the project Sustainability and DC in the Greenhouses, also called DC in the Greenhouse.


The project mentioned in the article of the Financial Daily, is the project DC=DeCent in Haarlemmermeer, in which Direct Current BV, Joulz, Siemens, Kema, SGN and the Dutch Enterprise Agency cooperate together. In a greenhouse that serves as a testing ground, a DC system engineered by Direct Current has been installed and tested. The government has allocated a Green Deal to this project which resulted in a DC working group in cooperation with the NEN in order to assess the standards on the basis of the testing area, and, if necessary, to adapt the standards for ​​DC.


Click here for the Dutch article in pdf.


From left to right: Tim Zijderveld from Joulz/Eneco and Vice President of the DC Foundation, Harry Stokman from Direct Current BV and Chairman and founder of the Dutch DC Foundation.


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