Successful 5th Dutch Power Symposium

Aalsmeer, April 23, 2013


Joulz, Direct Current and Siemens can look back on a number of well-attended sessions on DC, with much interests from operators, engineers etc. The morning sessions with the themes "Why not DC" and "Dare to ask" were a welcome support for the visitors to overcome the AC paradigms.


The first roundtable innovation discussion led to a lively discussion about the real added value of DC (raw material savings and less energy loss) and the choices for the markets that are now already using DC. The second round of discussions were especially about safety, standards and selecting voltage levels. During the third round, at the dinner, various energy net operators discussed about participation in the various DC projects.


These images were used to discuss how DC is seen in the future:


Image by Direct Current BV: DC Vision.



Image voltage table created by Direct Current BV.

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