Green Deal 2013 report to Parliament

Aalsmeer, November 19, 2013


The progress report Green Deals 2013 has been presented to the Parliament. With the Green Deal the Parliament promotes the Green Growth Policy in which initiatives from the society get a boost by encouraging partnerships.

The report features the DC project in Haarlemmermeer, a test area with the first complete DC net, in the world, an initiative of Direct Current BV:


Green Deal DC in Haarlemmermeer


A global progressive Green Deal is the deal for DC Haarlemmermeer. In a greenhouse area near Schiphol a cooperation of partners realize a sustainable testing ground for DC.


DC is an economic and scientific opportunity for the Netherlands and makes the development of a unique and innovative knowledge market possible. The vast majority of all devices in homes, offices, and electric vehicles are already working internally on DC. Even renewable energy sources like solar panels supply DC. Although we live in a DC world, energy transport still takes place on AC so that AC/DC conversions are still necessary. Each conversion is accompanied by energy loss in the form of heat and the use of a considerably larger amount of raw materials (copper and aluminum).


The goal of the project DC=Decent is the realization of a unique and sustainable electricity grid based on direct current (DC) in Haarlemmermeer. An electricity grid based on DC reduces the number of energy conversions as well as the energy loss through conversions. In addition, it is possible to balance the grids. The energy generation takes place with local cogeneration, controlled by a management system for controlling the supply and demand of electric power.


Harry Stokman (CEO of Direct Current BV): "What we do is globally unique. The IPIN program makes it possible to realize this, and the Green Deal helps us with the required changes in regulation and legislation."


Tim Zijderveld (of Joulz): "The project of Joulz, Siemens and Direct Current BV has made major progress with the help of the Green Deal. Recently, we joined an expert meeting of NEN (National Standardization Organisation) and a DC workgroup at the NEN is being established. Insurance company Achmea also supports the project by insuring the project on standard conditions.



Source: Progress Green Deals 2013 - Government (page 33)


Download the Progress Green Deals 2013 (in Dutch) hier.

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